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Saying Hi and Provoking

Alright, I hope that this is rule-okie, please delete if not, lol. First of all, just want to say hi as a new comer. 'Ello!

Now, moving right along; personally, I think that Ron's death in inevitable. I mean, come on, there's been so much foreshadowing that he's going to sacrifice himself for the cause (if not for Harry as his best mate- as this is a R/N centric comm). What do you think? And if Ron does, what kind of impact does it have on Neville? Can you somehow make it so he's really sacrificing for the cause, but mostly for Neville? What other bunnies does it produce?

I hope that provokes some discussion!

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Does it count as a discussion when only one person responds?

As irritating as Ron (and Hermione I'll sulk because he has a girlfriend') was in HBP, I sure hope he does.

I'd think if he and eville got together and Ron died, Neville would internalize everything and become very quiet and solemn.
Hmm... I think you're right about the whole Neville internalizing everything, not that he talks much to begin with. As for discussion...well, I guess? LOL. I'll take what I can get.